Classical Chinese Medicine in Space Talk

This is a recording of my talk given at the Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland Oregon on 12 May 2016.

00:00 – Introduction – Guqin piece and Shuogua quote linking what is Classical to Space
04:55 – Definition of Classical Chinese Medicine
14:00 – Definition of Space
20:00 – Yin-Yang Theory and Space, the relationship of Light and Darkness, circadian rhythm
23:36 – Gravity through the lens of the 5-Phase elements and the 6-Conformations
29:23 – Acupuncture Point Names and clues to our physiology in Space travel
33:49 – Space Medicine and the possible applications of Chinese Medicine
40:34 – Future directions and applications
48:02 – Question: What do you think is the greatest obstacle to making Chinese Medicine more mainstream now and for future space travel?
51:58 – Comment: Many older cultures usually do not want to change, and are clinging to their ancient systems, but for Chinese Medicine, it seems like it is the opposite, and we are talking a lot about Change in this talk.

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Interstellar Voyaging

I would like to share the work of Dr Cameron M. Smith, an Anthropology professor at Portland State University. I met him at a talk at OMSI several years ago, and he encouraged my pursuit of the idea of Classical Chinese Medicine in Space. He makes his own DIY space suits and talks about the importance of keeping space technologies open-sourced. I enjoyed this lecture on Interstellar Voyaging as it expanded my thinking about the biological and cultural challenges that we may face in such an expedition.

To read more about his work:

The DIY space suit | Cameron Smith | TEDxPortland –